MP 35 Universal glass


MP35 ALU Macro Port Red/Black


The Hugyfot aluminium macro ports are CNC machined from a solid block of high strength aluminium. Each port is finished by hand, hard anodized in red or black color and Surlon®KE coated to offer the best corrosion resistance. They are equipped with the new Hugyfot bayonet mount system with double o-ring to ensure maximum security, in combination with the HugyCheck pre-dive check system, and easy mounting. 

The Hugyfot MP35 ALU Macro Port is designed as an universal port that suits all macro lenses in combination with an appropriate Extension Ring. In our lens charts you will find which Extension Ring is needed for each specific macro lens. To offer maximum optical quality we equipped these new ports only with mineral BK7 glass. The diameter of the front glass is 60mm, large enough for all common macro lenses and small enough be able to get very close to your subjects. The inside length of this port is 35mm.

We designed the ALU Macro Port in a conical shape so you can get very close to your subject while your strobes or video lights are able to correctly illuminate the subject without casting port shadows. You will find 3 machined hinges on top of the port (standard incorporated with each port), each hinge can either hold an (optional) M67 Flip adaptor or a focus light with the (optional) Focus Light Mount. A maximum of two M67 Flip Adaptors and one focus / video light can be mounted at the same time. We designed the hinge of the M67 Flip Adaptor to be flat on the lens side so it can hold any diameter of M67 mounted Wet Lens or even a M67 mounted Ring Strobe / Light! 

On the front of the port you will find an M67 threaded ring that can easily be removed and replaced by the (optional) M67 Wet Lens Holder. With this accessory you can screw a M67 mounted Wet Lens directly onto the front of the port.

The new ALU Macro Ports and ALU Extension Rings are fully compatible with the existing Polyacetal one o-ring Hugyfot Extension Rings when the HugyCheck pre-dive check system is used.



MP 35 Universal glass 

Technical data:

Macro Port Mineral Glass ALU L35 Red and Black.

lens:universal macro port
Weight: gr
Port window: glass
Port and bayonet: aluminium
Pressure rated: 100m

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