HugyFloat Adjustable

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neutral buoyancy redefined

What it does ...
The HugyFloat system creates a 100% neutral buoyancy for your camera or video equipment. This innovative system is adjustable on-the-spot (at the start of the dive) and will guarantee a neutral buoyancy - due to its constant volume - throughout the dive at any depth.

How to use ...
Push the red button to open the valve while descending (at shallow depth). Water will enter the tube and will reduce the air chamber volume. Fine-tuning: push the red button and go up a bit to increase lift or go down a bit to decrease lift. Once 100% neutral buoyancy is obtained, release the red button to close the valves. The HugyFloat system comes in three sizes.

Depending on the how much lift is required, the L350, L310 or L220 tubes are to be used.









HugyFloat Adjustable 

Technical data:

Sizes / Lift (salt water)

L220 fixed / 348g
L220 adjustable / 313g
L310 fixed / 533g
L310 adjustable / 497g
L350 adjustable / 574g

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