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Hugyfot Vision XS Standalone 5” Monitor

We have added a new exciting product to the Hugyfot Vision Xs line; the same highly accredited Feelworld F5 4K professional field monitor can now be used in a compact and travel friendly aluminum monitor housing!

This standalone HDMI monitor can be used in combination with every housing that has a M15 Hugyfot or M16x1 port. The 5” HDMI monitor has a bright IPS display of 1920x1080pixels and is not only extremely helpful for videographers but also for photographers; for example to check the sharpness of their macro images. Due to the 160° viewing angle (in all directions) it is now possible to make stunning wide-angle pictures from otherwise unreachable positions or angles. The Feelworld F5 monitor offers professional features like Peaking Focus Assist, Histogram, Zebra exposure, Zoom, … amongst many other.

The Hugyfot Vision Xs monitor is designed to work with the HugyCheck pre-dive vacuum check system but is also fully compatible with all other pre-dive systems thanks to the HugyCheck Vacuum HDMI Connection which comes standard with the monitor. This HugyCheck Vacuum HDMI Connection transfers the HDMI signal and offers a rugged air passing channel between the camera housing and the monitor housing. This way the monitor housing is put on the same vacuum level as the camera housing and is monitored by the same pre-dive check system.

The monitor can easily be removed from the Vision Xs housing for land use and is powered by 1 Sony F series battery that guarantees 3 hours battery life. 

Available soon with your local dealer.

Price: 1995 euro

The package includes:

- Hugyfot Vision Xs monitor housing

- HugyCheck Vacuum HDMI Connection

- 1 Bulkhead M15 Hugyfot or 1 M16x1 universal

- Feelworld F5 monitor with its land use accessories (battery and charger, sunhood, microHDMI cable and Tilt Arm)

- Hugyfot 5” Sunhood

- 1” armball mount

The HDMI connection to the camera housing is female micro HDMI. An extra HDMI connection cable from the bulkhead to the camera needs to be ordered. This cable depends on the camera brand/model and position of the bulkhead to the camera HDMI output.

The connection on the back side of the monitor houses also a sacrificial Zink anode and a M6 threaded hole that can be equipped with an extra 1” armball to mount for example a focus light or video light.


  • Housing milled out of sea water resistant aluminium
  • Black anodized and Teflon coated
  • Depth rating 150m
  • Full HD 5” HDMI monitor
  • Supports 4K HDMI Input
  • Professional features like Peaking Focus Assist, Histogram, Zebra exposure, Zoom, … 
  • Push buttons for underwater screen adjustment
  • Waterproof removable sun hood
  • Dual O-ring sealing system
  • Sacrificial Zink Anode for corrosion protection
  • 3 hours battery life


  • Extra 1” armball mount for focus/video lamp
  • Dedicated HDMI connection from the bulkhead to the camera


The total weight of the monitor above water is 1400 gr.

The weight in sweet water is -260 gr.


Vision Xs HDMI monitor Manual

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