Vision Standalone Monitor

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This standalone monitor system has been developped to be used in combination with cameras/housings that have a free HDMI port. The large 7” HDMI monitor displays every detail and is extremely helpful when shooting macro images. The housing is powered by 1 lithium power bank that guarantees a 8 hour battery life. Machined out of solid aluminium, it is pressure rated to 200m.
Please note that the HDMI cable and connector set is to be ordered separately.

Vision Standalone monitor specifications:

  • Housing milled out of sea water resistant aluminium.
  • Black anodized and Teflon coated.
  • Rotary secure lock mechanism.
  • Depth rating 200m.
  • 7” HDMI monitor.
  • Push buttons for screen adjustment.
  • Large removable sun hood.
  • 1 Power Packs (8h battery life).
  • Dual O-ring sealing system.

Vision Standalone Monitor 

Technical data:

Color (anodized): black
Pressure rated: 200m
Length: 240mm
Width: 165mm (with sun hood)
Height: 175mm (with ball mount)

Weight on land
(power bank incl.): 1.950gr

Weight in water
(power bank incl.): +750gr positive

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