Hugyfot housings are developed and machined by using the most advanced CAD/CAM techniques. When developing a housing, the camera that will be housed in it is fully digitalized. This guarantees a ‘tight’ fit and allows the design of a compact and ergonomic housing.

Then all buttons and controls are added in 3D to this ‘virtual’ housing thus creating a first prototype that becomes tangible by using a 3D printing machine. After extensive testing, the first aluminum prototypes are machined on a 5-axis milling machine. This manufacturing process guarantees a swift and precise development of each new housing and makes it ready for use at delivery.

Just because of this high level of precision to which housings, buttons and controls are machined and assembled, Hugyfot housings are turned into ‘plug & play’ instruments that keep the end-user from having to carry out annoying adjustments and tune-up’s.

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