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Hugyfot Philosophy


From the early start in 1953, the Hugyfot philosophy consisted in developing housings that were not only functional and of high quality, but that also distinguished themselves from other brands by their well-considered and stubborn design.


Hugyfot housings are above all functional. After all, a housing is merely a protective cover and should under no circumstances prevent a swift operation of the camera. A good housing is to be considered as a second skin around the camera, allowing the user to control the camera without any concession. Furthermore, the patented Hugyfot grip allows a single hand control while under water.


Hugyfot housings have the added advantage of being very robust. They are machined out of solid aluminum and are extremely pressure resistant. They come standard with a pressure rating to 100 meters. Optionally this can be increased to 150 meter.


The well-considered and stubborn design however, is the most commonly known trademark of Hugyfot. The close on sexy curves of the Hugyfot housings do not only provide compact and ergonomic housings, they also see to the charisma and the typical contours that distinguish them from all the others.

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